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Palm TreePalm Heart is the growing point of edible palms, consisting of the basal stem, growing shoot and the new emerging leaves. Many palms produce an edible heart.


A well known example is coconut which is used as the main ingredient in “Millionaires Salad”, however, obtaining this delicacy from coconut and most palm species usually leads to the death of the palm.


Palm heart is produced and consumed in many tropical regions of the world, including Central and South America, Asia, Pacific Islands, Indian Ocean and is a “bush tucker” food in northern Australia.


Rows of PalmsOur fresh product produced in the wet tropics of far north Queensland is grown from a specially selected clumping variety which ensures that a sustainable product can be harvested without killing the palm.

ChefAbout Us

Palm Hearts Australia was formed in 2005 to produce and supply fresh palm hearts to restaurants, providores and specialist food outlets.


As a supplier of fresh gourmet palm heart we are committed to producing a sustainable product in the beautiful and pristine wet tropics of far north Queensland.


Palm Hearts Australia, based near Innisfail, is now able to offer a supply of fresh palm heart to gourmet providores, restaurants and specialist gourmet fresh food outlets.


We are a family farm committed to producing a quality product and customer satisfaction.